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160507-SaFu-0579Let us discover Vienna together!
See the most beautiful places in this world

Let go, lean back and listen. Go on a journey and experience what this world has to offer. This earth is like a book of which you only know the first page unless you have traveled.



Vienna is a very diverse and appealing city, which can satisfy any taste and wish. Let’s discover this amazing city together!


My journeys have often taken me far across the boarders of Austria.

As a tourguide i have visited a vast number of countries.

cropped-cropped-cropped-SAFU_Logo-2-1.pngAbout me

I love eating home made Marillenknödel, enjoyed with my favorite view over Lake Neusiedl.

A perfect day starts with a cup of Chai and a stroll along the beach.


DE frontpage Blog [new]Ilove my work …
my journeys to distant places

the beauty of our flora
the diversity of our fauna.

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My upcoming destinations as tourguide
as well as planned tours in Vienna and its surrounding.
Here you can also find journeys which I have done before.

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Prices for private tours

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The ideal gift for your dear friends and family
Discounts for multiple tours